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Over the last 30 years our Law Firm has created a collection of precedents, consisting of 40 volumes and continuing. Our collection is used as a resource for all types of issues ranging from all nature of WSIB Matters, Human Rights issues, etc.. Our precedent book consists of Articles, Newsletters, Court Decisions, Criteria, Policies, etc.

We are currently offering our readers the opportunity to purchase items from our collection. If you are interested in a certain topic that is listed below, please email us at Contact with the topic you are interested in and we will provide you with an additional list of our collection contains, regarding the particular item. Following your review, we will forward to you the material at a nominal cost.

  1. Accreditation/Prevention
  2. Adjudicative Law
  3. Aggravation Basis Draft
  4. Amendments
  5. Appeals Practice and Procedures
  6. Apologies
  7. Appointment of WSIB Members
  8. Apportionment of Claim
  9. Benefits of Doubt
  10. Board Administration/Structure
    1. File Access
    2. Delays
  11. Board Audits
  12. Board Computers
  13. Board of Directors
  14. Board/WSIB Statistics
  15. Body/Body Parts
    1. Shoulder
    2. Brain/Head
    3. Back
    4. Hand/Wrist/Arm/Elbow
    5. Leg/Knee/Feet/Ankle
    6. Neck
    7. Hearing/Ears
    8. Skin
    9. Face
  16. Calculations
    1. Earnings
    2. Benefits
    3. Budgets
    4. Economy
    5. Statistics
  17. 17. Chronic Disorders
    1. Pain
    2. Stress
  18. Court Cases
  19. CPP (Canada Pension Plan)/Pensions
  20. Curriculum Vitae
  21. Date of Accident
  22. Decisions
  23. Decision Reconsideration
  24. Discipline by WSIB
  25. Drugs
  26. Early Return to Work (ERTW) Generally
    1. Early and Safe Return to Work - Specifically
    2. Modified Work
  27. Employer Audits
  28. Employers Guidelines for WSIB Claims
  29. Ergonomic
  30. Experience Rating
    1. NEER
    2. CAD VII
  31. Fair Practice
  32. Family Law
  33. FEL (Future Economic Loss)
  34. Forms/Sample Letters
  35. Glen Wright
  36. Good Faith
  37. Human Rights
  38. Independent Operators/Independent Contractors
  39. Initial Entitlement
  40. Interest
  41. Internal Board Operations
  42. Internal Board Policy
  43. Landlord and Tenant Board
  44. Law Reform
  45. LMR (Labour Market Re-Entry)
    1. Statistics
    2. Surveys
    3. Overview
  46. LOE (Loss of Earnings)
  47. Medical Treatment
  48. Medical/Vocational Specialists
    1. Medical Evidence
    2. Reporting
  49. Minimum Wage
  50. Ministry of Labour
  51. NEL (Non-Economic Loss)
  52. Newspaper/Articles
    1. WSIB Related
  53. Occupational Disease/Illness
  54. Occupational Health and Safety
    1. Law
    2. Future Development
    3. Statistics
  55. Old Age Supplement
  56. Premium Rates
  57. Prevention Strategy
  58. Psyche Conditions
  59. Rate Classification
  60. Rate Groups
    1. .....a) United States
  61. Recurrence Claims/Decisions
  62. Re-Employment
  63. Revenue
  64. Safety Groups
  65. Schedules
  66. SEB (Suitable Employment/Business)
  67. Severance Pay
  68. SIEF (Second Injury and Enhancement Fund Relief)
  69. Special Investigations/Fraud
  70. Termination
  71. Time Limits
  72. Workplace Fatalities
  73. WSIB Action Plans
  74. WSIB Annual Report/Executive Summary
  75. Miscellaneous
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